Long time experience

Our company was among first who started building log cabins in The Czech Republic. We have been active in the construction field since 1992. For time period of exstence, we have been involved in diverse and challenging projects. Experience from these projects is used to build just your cabin.

Happy customer

Our Customer is for us equal partner and because of that we enlight you to project whole cabin and we listen to your insights and demands in each and every aspect of construction. After that we take care of everything – from project activities, dealing with authorities, fundings to actual building.

Top quality material

Good log cabin must be built from good material. Therefore we are hand picking wood from forest owners and choosing other material from top companies in the field like Bramac or BASF. Under construction we are using modern technologies while respecting traditional, proven procedures – progress and processes steadily comparing upon Canadian and Finland technoligies.

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Portfolio - Log Cabin

Cabin according to your request, short presentation of our work

Log Cabin apache

Log Cabin Apache

Type: 4+1

Log Cabin aspen

Log Cabin Aspen

Type: 3+1

Log Cabin baron

Log Cabin Baron

Type: 4+1

Log Cabin camaro

Log Cabin Camaro

Type: 1+1

Log Cabin catalina

Log Cabin Catalina

Type: 4+1

Log Cabin dakota

Log Cabin Dakota

Type: 5+1

Log Cabin eagle

Log Cabin Eagle

Type: 6+1

Log Cabin eldorado

Log Cabin Eldorado

Type: 5+1

Log Cabin granada

Log Cabin Granada

Type: 4+1

Log Cabin horizont

Log Cabin Horizont

Type: 5+1

Log Cabin malibu

Log Cabin Malibu

Type: 6+1

Log Cabin omega

Log Cabin Omega

Type: 4+1

Log Cabin pacifik

Log Cabin Pacifik

Type: 4+1

Log Cabin riviera

Log Cabin Riviera

Type: 5+1

Log Cabin yukon

Log Cabin Yukon

Type: 10+2

Log Cabin building - Knowledge Base

More information on our blog

Falling, rotting, defacing. These are but myths. Cabins are very friendly and cozy. Their maintenance is not more difficult than normal brick building. Canadian log cabins are traditional wood house in Rusia, Scandinavian countries and especially in Northern America, thanks to that Czechs have named them Canadian Log Cabin. Today it´s spread almost across whole world and its popularity rises further more. On contrary of classic brick buildings, Canadian log cabins have priceless advantages, even in cetral Europe. Important ascpect of log cabin is its character. While processing the wood we preserve outer layer of logs. Thanks to that process logs do not freezes and its lifespan is increased. If you haven't had experience atmosphere of Canadian cabin, do not postpone. Beautiful wood scent, nice ambient and clean air. You will not suffer from hot in summer and in winter, you won´t freeze.

Inside, there is nice climate throughout whole year, independently of outer temperature. All thanks to wall made of masive wood. Wall is formed from millions of air chambers. You won´t find artificial material that can fully replace natural wood. Among others advantages, cabin absorbs smell and balances moisture. Wooden walls ideally regulates moisture inside the cabin and preserve still climate. Specialty of each wood houses is their ideal subsidence. Subsidence of cabin is important matter, which requires our focus. On average cabins descents about 6% of it's height. Don't worry though, thanks to our more than 20 years experience, we know how to predict process of subsidence. Cabin building don't take place on your ground, but we build at our place. Cabin is perfectly prepared, built and positon of each log is marked then we disassemble whole cabin. On your ground cabin is assembled and you can happily live ever after.

Cabin according to your request

How is whole process going? It isn't hard at all!

  • osobní schůzka - Log Cabin na klíč

    We would like to meet you

    First of all, we arrange meeting, on which we offer suitable solution. We came to you anytime you want.

  • výběr projektu - Log Cabin na klíč

    WE will find best project just for you

    You have The Dream and we know procedure. Based on all your requests and wishes, we work out unique project together, which will suit your ideas. None two cabins are identical!

  • představení postaveného srubu - Log Cabin na klíč

    Rough structure is built on our place

    We´d like to welcome you in any phase of work! Finished cabin is shown to you and we can work out little details then cabin is prepared for transport.

  • Převoz srubu k vám - Log Cabin na klíč

    Your log cabin is transported to YOU

    Disassembled cabin is brought to you like a building kit. Transport is secured by tractor for mining trees which is equipped with hydraulic hand.

  • Stavba srubu - Log Cabin na klíč

    Final montage of cabin

    Log cabin is thermal isolated and coated with anti-bug and antifungal spraying. We seal longitudinal joints of logs and prepare roof.

  • hotový srub - Log Cabin na klíč

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